About – The Black Olive

History of taste



We have been in hospitality for our all life and been owning restaurants and working in institutional restaurant for 20years.

Paolo ex head chef of Sarti, Bar Carolina and owner chef of Aromi, focusing on high quality ingredients, coming from local producer and following the seasons. Paolo try to deliver an italian experience, using local products and showcasing skills learn trough in worldwide career.

Johan Ex director of Ichini St kilda and owner of Aromi, learn and improve his quality of service through the years working in some of the most famous establishment in Monaco and Juan-les-Pins in south of France like the Sealounge Monte Carlo and the hotel Belle rives Juan-les-Pins. Johan is very focus on the attention for details and always strive to offer the little plus who makes the difference.

Peter Aloi, Ex owner of Cafe Duomo, ownner of Cucina and Co brighton and Aromi. Peter been in the industry for more than 30years and build up a faithful clientele who follow him for his customer service and the quality of his food.


Our gastronomy

It is an art form that needs to be defined.For too many people who know no better a gastronome is somebody who eats and drinks a lot.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. A gastronome now days means only eating and drinking enough to your hunger and thirst. It is the desire for only fine, well presented food and satisfy a delicate palate.

No elaborate preparation is needed.An omelette full of flavour is better than one which has not been cooked properly.

Accompany a simple dish with a wine that complements it.and you can call yourself a gastronome.

Being a gastronome is about loving life, and being sociable and courteous.

Being a gastronome is arriving in time for meals not upsetting your fellow diners.

Being a gastronome is about loving everything that is beautiful and good.It is about refinement.it is without a doubt precious knowledge to have.

Be part of our FAMILY

The black olive is the new venture of the Aromi group. Working with us means being part of a growing company focus on serving top quality food. We are always looking for new team members to join usΒ  so please apply.

Email us with the position you are interested in to:

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